Today's Forecast: increasing sun; warming to 44
Snowfall last 24 hours: 0
Snow base: 3-7 with thin spots especially on the hills
Snow surface: packed granular , loose where groomed

Open Trails:

Classical: 8KM
Skating: 8 KM
Backcountry: okay with steel edges
Snowshoe: open
Fat Biking: open


Grooming this morning loosening up the hard granular surface. Redoing tracks as we can. Snow softens with the warmth this afternoon. We are grooming on: Upper Circuit, Berkshire, Shaw, Bates, Minor and Windsor where we have the most consistent base. Please note that Lower Circuit is closed for safety.

To see how things look, visit our Notchview web cam.

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Upcoming Events:

The Bread and Jam 10 KM classic race is Saturday. March 9 and is open to all. Classical technique, mass start.