Stump Sprouts Conditions

If I groom early Sunday, will you come?

The base is shrinking but it should last through the weekend and likely well beyond. Snow depths out on the trails range from perhaps 10 to 20 inches. This is dense, old snow at this point which melts slower than fresh snow.

XC skiing: Saturday: Ungroomed Saturday. Frozen granular. Warming on Sunday which will likely lead to softer snow, more amenable to xc skiing. I could groom tomorrow morning and, I think, produce some pretty nice spring classic skiing. If I groom, will you come???This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view before 9PM Sat.

Snow shoeing: open. You can go anywhere all day long.

Fat biking: As temps. will actually rise slightly overnight, it is likely that it will be too soft on Sunday.

Hiking/Trail running: closed

Rentals : Rentals. Not available today.

West Hill Road conditions: Clear.

Parking - Open.

Dogs - okay today